Welcome to the wonderful world of self learning

Welcome to your new adventure. The goal is for you, the learner, not just anyone else in this course with us - it's all about personal development and growth! You're going experience success by taking risks while understanding how much work needs done at each step along our journey together but don't worry; there are dedicated mentors available if needed as well who will help guide me through these steps so don’t be shy- ask them anything :)

Self-Learning is essential for you because it can help improve your life in many ways. You will be more confident with what's going on around you, which could lead to better opportunities or just an overall improved quality of living if this new skill becomes one that defines who are as people see our value within themselves when they learn something through their own efforts rather than others telling them how things should work out beforehand!

The more knowledge you have, the less fear there is!

– Erik Johansen –

about us

Allow yourself to be curious

The world is an amazing place, but sometimes it can be hard to see that through the fog of everyday life. That being said there's no need for you or me when we're living in such a fascinating era! Why don't I teach you how inquiry works and why some people may find themselves asking "why?" more often than they want too?

Set goals to create new opportunities

New opportunities are waiting to be created with your goals.

Achieving a goal is not the end, it's just another step in achieving success! What will you do once you've reached an important milestone? How can we help make sure that this process continues so there are no obstacles between us anymore - only success ahead

Create something out of what you’ve learned

Take what you have learned and create something with it. With the goal being to engage a wider audience using an original idea

Let’s enjoy self-learning together

The idea of self-learning is not new but it has gained momentum in recent years. With the help and encouragement, we can all learn to do things better on our own!